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Ant Control & Treatment

For Ant Control, It’s The Pros Who Know

In the U.S., there are more than 20 varieties of ants that invade or live in homes, making them America’s number one household pest. Ants can be an ugly problem – house-infesting ants invade kitchens and living areas, carpenter ants damage wood by hollowing it out for nesting, and mound-building ants mar the appearance of lawns and landscaped areas.

The untrained eye cannot always spot an ant infestation – and once ants have established a colony inside or near a home, they’re difficult to control. However, Nature Coast Termite & Pest Control professionals are trained to identify, treat and remove ant infestations; eliminate potential ant-breeding grounds; and recommend steps for homeowners to prevent future ant evils.

Although a pest control professional is the best option for controlling ant infestations, Nature Coast Termite & Pest Control recommends several steps homeowners can take to help prevent new ant colonies from establishing in and around their home.

  • To keep ants out, caulk cracks and crevices around foundations that allow entry from the outside.
  • Indoors, eliminate cracks and crevices wherever possible, especially in kitchens and other food-preparation and storage areas.
  • Store sugar, syrup and sweets in washed, closed containers; remove residue from their exterior surfaces.
  • Rinse out and remove empty soft-drink containers. Thoroughly clean up grease and spills. Take kitchen waste out daily when ants are a problem indoors.

While homeowners can follow these steps to help prevent new ant infestations, eliminating existing ants is best left to Nature Coast Termite & Pest Control.

The first step pest control professionals take in controlling ants is correctly identifying the ant species. “Identifying the ant is essential – different species require different control methods. Identification is based on a number of physical characteristics, including abdomen, antennae and other physical differences – differences that Nature Coast Termite & Pest Control professionals are trained to identify.”

Once the species is identified, Nature Coast Termite & Pest Control professionals now have effective control products designed to meet their ant management needs. Professionals are achieving unprecedented control of ants with new products called “undetectable liquids.”

Ants are social insects – they live in complex colonies where they frequently come in contact with one another through feeding, grooming and everyday foraging. Undetectable products like Termidor® and Phantom® are applied inside and around the house, where ants forage. Ants will travel through this treated area, and carry the product back to their colony before dying, for even greater control.

By taking steps around the home to prevent infestations, and working closely with your Nature Coast Termite & Pest Control professional, homeowners today have to ability to keep their home ant free year-round.